Reading Group Guide for Suddenly Single Island Style

1. Why does "Edie" switch back and forth between the present four day retreat in her hammock and the past (London, Switzerland, Maine)?  Is her heroine, Amanda, learning from her past?

2. Is Amanda's affair with Phillip in London a help or hindrance to her divorce recovery process?

3. What is the function of "Penny's Pearls" in the book?  What are some of your favorite sayings that have meaning for you?

4.  Amanda uses metaphors throughout the book to learn about herself. Besides the ocean, rainbows, sunflowers what other metaphors does she use?  What metaphors are important in your life?

5.  How can you become a "Voice Power Diva"?

6.  Is there special significance that can be attached to the last page of her journal in reference to an earlier story Amanda tells?

7.  How does Amanda transmute her anger into a positive experience?

8.  One of the themes of the book is the necessity of and the difficulty of personal growth.  If you were able to go on a four day retreat, where would you go?  What would you take with you?

9.  How is Amanda's creativity and recovery helped by the songs she writes?