Private group seminars and retreats offered for a half-day or full-day.       

Dazzle your audience of 1 or 1,000 with confidence!

Learn techniques to communicate your ideas, as well as gain and hold 
your audience's attention.

While working with Edith, you will learn to:
 Identify your personal presentation style
 Harness stage fright's energy and use it to your advantage
 Organize a presentation with impact plus an innovative message
 Use breathing techniques to project your voice at the correct level
 Communicate through non-verbal cues like how you stand or hold your arms
 Direct your eyes strategically to connect with your audience
 Minimize pauses and filler words
 Enjoy the theater of life and have fun building your confidence and selling your ideas

Schmoozing for Business and Personal Success!    

Making conversation and "working a room" are learned arts. You CAN 
master these skills for continued career and life advancement.

Increase your comfort level in any situation so that you can:
 Enter the room and make a great first impression
 Enjoy functions whether you want to or not
 Negotiate a tough room
 Avoid making faux pas and know how to deal with it if make one
 Escape gracefully

Combine any of the above skills into a personal coaching package!
Call Edith for more information (+1) 309-922-9058

"Our physicians feel that your presentation, "BEDSIDE MANNERS MATTER," was quite informative, well organized, 
and professionally presented. We look forward to continuing to work with you individually and in group training.  
Your services are needed to help physicians improve their communication skills."

Bernard Taylor, M.D., Chairman, Continuing Medical Education Committee, Proctor Hospital

"Edie has an amazing talent to quickly put people at ease and allow them to open up to the possibilities of visionary 
change. She worked with our entire team of 150 staff to create cohesive teamwork and build stronger working 
relationships to weather the storms of change swirling around health care delivery. Her approach to building team 
cohesion through cognitive and experiential sharing while using drama is unique and the perfect complement to quickly 
removing silos, creating transparency and improving communication at multi-site organization. I highly recommend 
Edith to those organizations seeking cultural transformation through an effective and unique approach."

Rick Zehr, President, IPMR, Institute of Physical and Medical Rehabilitation  

"Richard Branson knows that Edie inspires his employees to new heights through her style of customer relations. 
He flew Edie to London Virgin "Upper Class" to observe their skills in action! Our staff loves working with Edie because 
she puts her all into making the sessions fun!"

Deborah Scantlebury, Human Resources Captain, Virgin Atlantic, Eastern Caribbean