Who can benefit from success coaching?   

You can benefit from success coaching if you:

 Need focus, meaning and purpose in you life
 Want to connect effectively with other successful professionals
 Think you can get more from your current career
 Are brave enough to ask if your career is all you want out of life
 Aspire to be comfortable being who you are at home and at work
 Are in transition between careers, relationships, roles or lifestyles
 Are ready to put yourself first and forge a new, fulfilling path
 Have a dream you want to make a reality
 Want to overcome negative beliefs and patterns


What will success coaching do for you? 

Success coaching will help you:

 Move out of your self-limiting comfort zone into a life of possibilities
 Become excited about starting your day and living your life
 Cultivate joy and give yourself permission to be joyful
 Cope with stress and frustration - and turn them to your advantage
 Use your natural gifts with purpose
 Approach your job eagerly because you are doing what you love and   loving what you do

                   Combine any of the above skills into a personal coaching package!
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"Before embarking on a year as Rotary District Governor - which required me to publicly present at least 70 times -
I consulted with Edith Barnard. She helped me better organize my thoughts with visualizations, to develop impact 
and deliver confident, clear, and concise messages. Edith really helped me reach my stride quickly!"

Ron Riggins, Illinois Rotary District Governor, District 6460

"Edie's unique approach supports an open communication environment that brings the best out of anyone!  
I highly recommend Edie's classes to any person who is sincerely committed to making a personal change in
their life."

Joseph Milton, Music Entrepreneur, Fritch Heating and Cooling, Peoria, Illinois

"My work and life balance has improved since studying with Edith. I take joy in my work and now have a new 
position at Caterpillar about which I'm really excited!"

Sarah Tomion, Peoria